We are Online: Testnet is Live!

By September 21, 2018 English

Dear Eden community,

The Edenchain team is proud to announce that our testnet is now live, 3 months ahead of schedule. The testnet is the accumulation of several months of hard work and dedication from our tech team and we are extremely proud of our product. However that is always room for improvement and we humbly invite our community to bug report or suggest improvements through our tech mailbox: [email protected]

A successful testnet is an important yardstick for our partners to evaluate a blockchain project’s viability. Through our discussions with enterprise leaders across many industries, we understand that corporations are generally cost sensitive, time focused and cautious against reputational risks. This means that they are keener to cooperate with reliable blockchain projects that already have a stable product and easy-to-use interface.

With this testnet release coupled with the stellar track record of our Eden tech team, we are proud to announce that Eden is now ready for enterprise adoption. We invite all enterprises, business and projects who are keen to unlock blockchain synergies to contact us and explore the infinite possibilities!

The testnet release will include these features:
1) Testnet website
2) Testnet integration with E-explorer and E-Edge
3) Github (coming soon)
4) Showcase application ( coming soon)

The testnet website is: https://testnet.edenchain.io/
Bug and suggestions: [email protected]

Testnet overview:

This is the first “soft” version of our testnet and we will be continuously updating the testnet on a periodic basis. In our internal testing, we ran an experiment using 2 namespaces and achieved a robust performance of about 2000 TPS. This is close to our optimised target of 1000 TPS per namespace. Currently, projects that require more than 1000 TPS have the ability to combine more than 1 namespaces and communicate through a transaction processor to achieve better performance.

Eden combines namespaces with Merkle Tree to isolate transactions based on its particular namespace. This helps to secure performance and scalability by constructing an execution system capable of parallel processing by namespace. Theoretically, the maximum number of namespaces in Edenchain is 2^16 (because of our configuration), leading to a maximum TPS of 65,536,000. If necessary, it is possible to configure Edenchain to handle more namespaces as the network expands. Going forward, we will be implementing several new features and testnet updates so as to improve system stability and user experience.

One of the major features of the testnet application is an “easy to use and read” interface. The testnet interface is fully synced with our well-received MVPs, E-explorer and E-Edge and other specially designed features and buttons to improve UI/UX. The team has devoted great effort in ensuring that the user interface can be accessible to non-technical users as we want to lower the barriers for enterprise adoption.

Striving on, an extensive suite of APIs (RESTful APIs) coupled with greater functionality will be developed in the near future. Edenchain’s main vision is a comprehensive blockchain platform that can be operated solely using APIs, eliminating the need for extensive blockchain coding expertise. Working closely with enterprises, we discovered that this is their preferred working model for blockchain adoption. We believe that with the testnet, we are one step closer in realising our dream of a more inclusive blockchai ecosystem.

Mainnet release is still on track for Q1 2019. Despite announcing an early testnet release, we will be retaining our mainnet release date as previously communicated. This gives the tech team more flexibility to test and introduce feature updates and more importantly, provide the necessary linkages to support our partners. An important aspect of the testnet is to provide new partners an environment to familiarise themselves on the Edenchain platform.

We will be releasing our github code repository and providing a showcase application of the Edenchain platform. We feel that these technical profiles releases will allow us to grow our code base, demonstrate the usability of our products and grow our technical developer community. The showcase application is especially critical, as it will act as a vehicle for new project developers to have a “first look” on how to use Edenchain to create synergy for their individual/project needs. Going forward, the Eden team is fully committed to providing assistance to anyone in our Edenchain ecosystem.

Team Eden

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