Our Vision

We are on a mission to create the global platform for the new digital economy.

EdenChain is a blockchain platform company that pioneers the era of the new digital economy. The new digital economy allows for the capitalization of any and every tangible and intangible asset such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities amongst many others.

Our platform aims to replace existing assets with blockchain-based tokens by allowing their ownership to be registered. We believe that the application of the new digital economy will lower the transaction costs, increase shared profits, and create new markets for foreign and domestic investors.

EdenChain is engineered to lead the new digital economy.

EdenChain is optimized to support active decentralized financial activities.

EdenChain provides blockchain platform technologies optimized to support the decentralized financial industry. It allows all tangible and intangible values to be capitalized through smart contracts, enabling people to freely trade through the internet without intermediaries.

Secured transaction handling

EdenChain implemented JWT, KMS and a proxy system to build a mechanism that provides end-to-end security to all transactions. It minimizes vulnerability to insider attacks by hiding credential information from insiders with manifold security features.

Optimized for digital asset handling

EdenChain provides a simple and secure environment so anyone can create and trade digital assets that requires no programming. It also supports metadata storage on all digital assets, making it ideal to represent value of all types.

Support realistic ownership

EdenChain platform supports ownership closely models after real-life cases. The API designated to manage ownerships operates flexibly, handling multiple types of ownership with ease.