Token Swap Plan

By March 8, 2019 English

Token Swap Plan

As the Mainnet launch approaches one of the most frequent questions we receive relates to details regarding the swap of the ERC-20 Eden token to native Eden coins. This brief announcement will serve to clarify what we have determined so far:

When Will Token Swap Happen

An exact date for the token swap will be announced after the General Release version of the Mainnet is launched, in consultation with crypto exchanges. Given our current schedule and feedback from crypto exchanges, the token swap will likely be completed in Q3 2019.*

*The timeline for the Token Swap is updated to Q1 2020. 

How To Do Token Swap

Detailed instructions on how token holders can facilitate the swap themselves, most likely through the E-Wallet, will be announced well in advance. We are also in discussions with several crypto exchanges that will likely support the token swap, which would not require any action by token holders other than keeping their tokens on the exchange for a period of time. Our goal is to make the token to native Eden coin swap as easy and seamless as possible for our token holders.

Again, we thank you for your support during these exciting times for EdenChain!

To learn about Eden’s mainnet release, please read the blog post, ‘Mainnet Release Plan’.