The Story Behind the Name of Eden

By April 13, 2018 English

****Edenchain, James Ahn is sharing a story of how the name of the project “Eden” has been discovered(in a light tone, and very casual tone). This is a fun fact so please enjoy it with humor. ^^ ***

For all new projects, the ideal brand name creates an emotional attachment for users and forges an identity for the community. A substantial amount of time and effort is often spent deliberating on the brand name. The name of the project is the first introduction to what the purpose of the project is, and the people involved in the project.

The name helps people visualize what the project is about. People associates the name of the project and the symbol of it, with how the name makes them feel. The importance of having an appropriate name cannot be understated.

To arrive at the current name, Eden, substantial number of potential names were considered, with late night debates on the merits of each name with deliberate intent to find the perfect name. Eden’s brand image has to be relatable with that of a next generation blockchain technology platform, and this has to be expressible by the brand name. The first image we envisioned was that with plethora of flowers and trees growing on fertile soil signifying the fertility, fruitfulness, and prosperity of the platform. We’ve also explore ideas from Greek mythology, in search of a name that shows the new generation blockchain, as a motif.

Demeter, Hepaitos, Flora, and Rea.

Demeter was the one of our favored option because of how it fitted with the vision of the brand, but had to abandon the idea on it because a statue holding crude and primitive farming tools came up as the top search result for the goddess Demeter. The image of Demeter holding primitive farming tool was not aligned with the company that develops cutting-edge blockchains.


Hence, we put aside the idea of using names of goddesses, in search of names that was familiar to most people and one that the everyday user can associate with. Fruits, it was one of themes explored by the team, since people tend to associate feelings of sweetness, bright colors, and good feelings of a bountiful harvest.

Apple, Pineapple, Grape, Tomato, Banana, Kiwi, Melon, Strawberry……

Despite how tantalizing it was to use the name of a fruit we were at a dilemma because of how the name would always be in the shadows of the famous technology company, Apple. Besides fruits were already used by companies in wide range of industries as brand names. Strawberry was a brand name with some rarity, but it had an intimate connotation and it was being used among male groups. Hence, we had to drop the idea of using a fruit as a brand name.

Our next consideration was, a series of respected scientists such as Newton, Descarte, Einstein, Direc, Turing, and Neumann. Newton, tend to remind people of Apple. Descarte was a prosperous figure, but his actual appearance was quite the contrary (just a personal opinion, and I have nothing against him). Through our market research, we realized that Einstein was a wildly popular name used by a diverse range of projects. We also, unintentionally discovered that Einstein was a philanderer of women- not quite the image we wanted to be associated with. Direc was a genius physicist. However, he was known to be a man of few words speaking only when it was absolutely needed. Physicists had a joke about him that “one word per hour” can be quantified as “1 Direc”. Hence, Direc was a name that was not taken! However, there was a concern that Eden would become a silent name that no one spoke of. So, had to be eliminated from the selection process.

We took a step-back to reconsider our options, and thought of drawing inspiration from names that were commonly used by modern companies, who were looking to establish their image as the blockchain technology of the future. We stumbled upon names such as. EggBlock, RealBlocker, SuperBlock, SuperChain, and BlockTree. To make the long story short, it was not an easy path.

Then, there was that day. On the way home during the rush hour at the subway, something was brought to my attention. There was this advertisement board.

It was an advertisement of a church, which was commonly seen around the subways. What was different this time, was the name ‘Eden’. It jumped right out of the board, just like how it happens in movies with words floating towards you.


‘Eden’ is a word that everyone knew, it is short and comes off the tongue easily. It would automatically be associated with ‘The Garden of Eden’. Hence, it was the perfect image for our next generation blockchain project that was envisioned. Thus, ending the grand tale of how the name ‘Eden’ came about.

Creating ‘The Garden of Eden’ in the next generation blockchain technology, for future growth and enable inter-operability across chains, is the grand masterplan of EdenChain.

With an exhilarating heart, the name ‘Eden’ was entered into the search engine and luckily there was no blockchain project with the name of ‘Eden’.

So, with joy, the name ‘Eden’ was chosen.

The team absolutely adores the name ‘Eden,’ and are always grateful for the night when the advertisement was discovered.

All this glory belongs to the Lord, and a heartfelt gratitude is expressed to the pastor and The New Eden Church, who was generous to devote itself to the subway advertisement for the expansion of the Gospel.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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