Technical Strength

Edenchain has 3 major technical strengths to provide enterprise blockchain platform.
Those are scalability, security and accessibility. Those are inevitable factors when it comes to real world blockchain service application. Edenchain has considered those factors from the very beginning to meet enterprise's requirement.

Scalability (Performance)

Scalability is the biggest technical obstacle for blockchain adoption asofnow. Without achieving scalability, it is hard to process transactions in high performance. Edenchain uses namespace technology for the scalability. It is proven technology in various areas.

Security between On-Off Chain

E-Oracle and ECC-TC based E-Protocol provide trust and security for external system interworking. Median Voter Theorem (MVT) is adopted as a Consensus Algorithm to prevent data manipulation.


Accessibility is the practically challenging issue when it comes to implementation because enterprise needs human resources for the development. Edenchain supports API, So it is easy to find necessary resources and quick to development blockchain application.