[Eden Diary_TD] Play and Have Fun! by Jacki Heo

By January 11, 2019 English

Play and Have Fun!

by Jacki Heo

We are thrilled to present you with the contents we had been preparing since the opening of the Testnet: E-Garden (Garden of Eden), E-Wallet, and DApp Games.

They are Front-end products that users of our platform will be engaging with directly. All products were developed to be functional in a mobile setting. Members selected for the Closed Alpha Test (E-Testers) will be testing these products. Each product plays a vital role, so much so that the exclusion of one will make other services unavailable.

The reason we are using TEDN

I will give you a brief summary of each product, but before I do, I’ll start with an explanation of our in-platform currency. The Token used within our DApp games will be TEDN. TEDN is a virtual Token that users will be utilizing to gain access to EdenChain’s DApp services. It has been implemented due to several reasons, the first being that Mainnet has not been launched yet. Second, the EDN currently used in exchanges are based on Ethereum’s ERC20. In a performance and security aspect, we did not want to be rash in using EDN as the main form of payment. Lastly, if we were to use EDN based on ERC20, our platform would not exactly be “EdenChain’s Platform,” but rather, “DApps on Ethereum’s platform.” Therefore, we decided to implement TEDN in preparation for the Mainnet. TEDN will be exchanged through E-Wallet, and its value will be rated at a 1:1 ratio to EDN.


The first product is E-Garden. This is the platform which will act as a DApp Store. Here’s what we expect, and are planning, for E-Garden: It will be as easy to register DApps as other application stores, which will then lead to an increase in the number of published games. This will then lead to an increase in the use of other services provided on our platform. During the setting of E-Garden’s UX, we put an emphasis on the simplicity and fluidity of information, allowing users to deal with the essentials only. We also optimized the resolution of our services to provide an equally clear presentation on all devices. To use our services, the first thing you will need to do is sign up. This is different from other conventional blockchain platforms, but we implemented the signing-up process to provide a more effective environment. Therefore, the E-Wallet will only work if you are signed in. Users will have to be careful in managing their account information to protect their TEDN.


E-Wallet in its current state is an “EDN Ethereum ERC20 Wallet.” When Mainnet is launched, the wallet will be adjusted in accordance to Mainnet standard. Therefore, users will be able to import their current Ethereum Wallets or create a new one depending on their preference. As mentioned above, users will only gain access to the service if they have sufficient TEDN. In order to acquire TEDN, users will need to have EDN. Users can exchange EDN and TEDN through E-Wallet’s “Withdraw/Deposit” function. To use the “Withdraw/Deposit” function, E-Wallet’s installation is essential since all withdrawal or deposit requests are made through the E-Wallet.

E-Wallet is available on Android and iOS. We currently have no plans to port the E-Wallet to other platforms.

DApp Games

Next up are our DApp games. We have developed core internal components that have not yet been disclosed.

The DApps currently developed are Token Casino games. We did not have much time to work on them, so It’s true that there is room for improvement. We have been taking the Agile Method in order to actively receive and make adjustments based on feedback from users. The game was designed in the most basic form of a casino game, and has its primary role is to check compatibility with other systems. We focused on the foundation, especially the basics, of the UI/UX. You could consider this to be the first version of games upon which more functions will be layered.

We developed a total of 6 games that fall under two major categories, Plinko and Keno. Each have 3 variants, the main differences being themes. Plinko is a type of ladder/pachinko game in which you send an object falling. It will hit various pegs and fall into a random slot. Users will win or lose depending on the value of the slot. Keno is a game in which the user chooses several numbers out of a total of 80 numbers. Users will win or lose depending on how many numbers they chose right.

All games are based on HTML5, allowing them to be played on any platform. However, we have not optimized them for platforms other than Android and iOS. Therefore, the graphics may seem broken. Also, the HTML5 format means users will not have to make additional downloads and installations. Since the games require TEDN as play tokens, the games will be accessible after signing in. On a side note, although we are not at the stage of using actual currencies,  we have blocked access to our games in Korea because of various regulations.


Access to our services will only be provided to the testers we are currently recruiting. We have disabled new sign ups in order to filter uninvited users. However, since it isn’t possible to completely block access through the internet, those who have not been selected as recruiters will still be able to see the layout of our platform, install E-Wallet, and get a feel for what they may expect. Again, they will not be able to actually use the services since they will not have an account.

The following information summarizes what we will be providing for our E-Testers. We will provide users with an account (ID/PW) and the EDN/TEDN needed to access the DApps games. During the closed testing period, we will be on Ethereum’s ROPSTEN network, a Testnet. Therefore, the EDN provided to you will not be tradable on other Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Simply put, the test EDN/TEDN will not be exchangeable for cash; they are for testing.

The objective for this test is to check for factors such as the fluidity of services, the quality of the services, improvements needed, and functions to be added. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and patience should there be bumps here and there during the testing process. The information we gather through this period will help us immensely in our preparation for the Mainnet.

I think I’ve said enough for now. Our playground is ready.

Let’s have some fun!