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By August 7, 2019 English

There is a well-known phrase that goes “one man’s trash is the other man’s treasure”. Today, we would like to introduce our ambitious dApp partner that took this familiar idiom and transformed it into a blockchain service, becoming an exciting project that we should keep our eyes glued. With pleasure, we present you TradeStuff.

Soon to be coming to Google Play and App Store, TradeStuff is bringing secure and efficient P2P and multilateral tradings into your palm.

In a traditional bartering/trading platform, one party must have the very item that the other party wants, and vice-versa. Such coincidence does not take place frequently enough to support a sustainable business model. We are all familiar with the alternative solution to amend this situation: money. One of the most notable features that TradeStuff offers is expanding the trade options to include indirect routes. The following diagram from TradeStuff illustrating this expansion.

Expansion of Trade Routes

TradeStuff system designed their system to connect people in such a way that the highest numbers of participants with different “wants” and “needs” can get satisfying results from one cascade of trades. Moreover, their system allows the addition of values from independent transactions to facilitate the best trading scenario. The following illustrates the idea.

When viewed locally, person A may not necessarily barter with person B at an equal value. Within the entire set of trading events in the given time, however, all participants end up trading the equal total sum value – all fair outcomes without any unfair loss or gain.

TradeStuff may present us with a new economy sustained by moneyless trade. We think that it is revolutionary. Using blockchain technology, TradeStuff is building a system that is trustless and fair. Their system prevents double-spending and provides additional protection using collateral. Moreover, they offer legally binding trades in many jurisdictions around the world enforceable through arbitration. We honestly cannot wait to try their dApp when it becomes available!

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