[Partnership]Dorothy and RotoHive

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[Partnership] Dorothy and RotoHive

Dorothy has partnered with several distinguished dApps, and we want to dedicate a corner of our blog to highlight these dApps. Today, I want to share with you RotoHive, the world’s first global sports hivemind built on Ethereum platform.


There are over 50 million fantasy sports players around the globes. Many of them are truly dedicated fans, and a fair number amongst those players are quite gifted at making the right play. What if there is a platform that promotes these fans to collaborate and to benefit from each other mutually? I say that would be a game changer. RotoHive wants to provide just that.

RotoHive incentivizes fans to create a hive mind of fantasy sports wisdom. At the moment, it is running during the NFL season. Here is how it operates.

1. Each Tuesday morning during NFL seasons, RotoHive asks users to rank NFL players based on projected performance for the week. User can submit their predictions at any time during the week leading up Sunday morning.

2. Submitted predictions are measured against the live game data on Sunday and Monday night football games.

3. Leading RotoHive users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for the accuracy of their call.

4. The following Tuesday, the process repeats. This weekly cycle continues during the NLF season.


There are two types of cryptocurrencies used on RotoHive: Ethereum (ETH) and Roto (ROTO). Roto is ERC_20 token published by RotoHive. To win a share of the prize pool in ETH, you need to stake Roto token with your submission. The size your Roto stake reflects your confidence behind your model. All the processes will be transparent thanks to the blockchain system.

RotoHive has a plan to grow its weekly Ethereum prize pool as RotoHive’s metamodels become progressively more accurate. This will positively affect the value of ROTO token value. Therefore, anyone having Roto has a strong motivation to submit the best prediction attempt and advance RotoHive metadata value.

We think that RotoHive highlights how “what we already have” can evolve to “what we always long to have” by expertly emerging the old and the new: blockchain system. Dorothy would love to see the day that the collective knowledge harnessed at RotoHive surpasses any single fantasy sports expert.

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