[Partnership] Dorothy and Trust Dice

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[Partnership] Dorothy and Trust Dice

Thanks to the blockchain’s characteristic of immutability and transparency, there are more gambling games on blockchain community than there are on the centralized community. Sometime, you may feel inundated by options. So today at our partnership corner, we wanted to feature a reliable dApp company that provides fun games of chance backed by transparent and fair operating system: Trust Dice.

Trust Dice offers users both active and passive ways to earn income.

  1. 1. If you do not have any coin, go to coinbox. It is a faucet with free coins. You can claim any coin you would like. You have options to claim BTC, ETH, EOS, TXT*, TRYBE, or TPT.
    TXT is the token issued by Trust Dice on EOS platform.
  1. 2. Game of Dice and Mining Process: At TrustDice, there are two ways to earn. There is the obvious option of winning the dice game. In addition to that, TrustDice game has its mining part (this does not apply to Crash-another game on the site). When you successfully mine a transaction, you receive TXT. As the platform uses Wager-to-Mine mechanism, more TXT gives you greater mining power (faster mining process, more TXT you get). To increase your TXT balance and your mining power, you may play a few rounds of Crash and multiply your TXT by manifolds. Alternatively, you can get TXT from different exchange places.
  3. 3. TXT holders can stake TXT and receive passive income in BTC, EOS, etc. Once seven days passed since you made the stake, you receive daily rewards with 50% of the site profit distributed by the ratio of your stake against the total stake.
  5. 4. Referral System: when you invite your friends to TrustDice, you receive up to 50% commission from every faucet they claim and every bet they place.
  7. 5. Auction: you can place a bid in TXT and win EOS. The highest bidder wins the entire EOS prizes. When I was looking at the site, 0.0487 EOS was won with 2342.0000 TXT.
  9. 6. 24h Wagering Contest: There is a contest for each game running for 24 hours. A person who made the best, an awe-striking winning bet will win even more! Up to 0.2BTC + 500 EOS!

There are a total of 5.0 billion TXT, and they follow a half-life decay pattern in distributing the token. As there are more TXT to be mined in joining sooner than later, it incentivizes users to join now. Right now, there are 5,000,000 TXT to be mined daily.

The system creates one truly random number by using two sets of hashes: ServerSeed and ClientSeed

  1. ServerSeed: they created a thread of 1,000,001 sha256 hashes, which they fed into sha 256 back into itself 1,000,001 times. The record of this is stored in the blockchain.
  2. ClientSeed: The client seed is the blockhash for EOS block #34415800

They combine a single hash from ServerSeed and the ClientSeed to generate a unique and random number to create a truly fair game that does not favor the house.

We applaud our partner, TrustDice for creating a game platform that incorporates the proof mechanism that uniquely rewards the users. We clap to you for translating the characteristics of blockchain technology using games that we are familiar with, thereby inviting more people to the world of blockchain.

If you are interested in Dorothy Partnership Program, contact us via any channels listed below.

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