[Partnership] Dorothy and TronJoyso

By June 14, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and TronJoyso

A company that brings you joy and happiness. Quite literally. Today at Dorothy and Partners, let me introduce you Tron Joyso, crypto exchange company committed to bringing you JOY and HAPPINESS in many ways including crypto-finance and user-satisfaction:D

Tron Joyso is the first hybrid decentralized exchange for TRON, meaning they provide services compatible for both Ethereum and Tron platforms. Besides the essential exchange function, it also provides other services including, but not limited to dApp &Smart contracts development, token auditing and listing, and ICO, IEO, STO license application.

They open a unique avenue that allows users to reap incentives for their participation: JOYSO Loyalty Program. The following is 3 steps to join the program and start receiving points.

  1. Participate in a monthly campaign and earn points.
  2. Your points will be converted into HAPPINESS automatically*
  3. Connect your wallet to check you HAPPINESS and start redeeming your prizes.

*The conversion system between HAPPINESS and campaign scores is adjusted for each campaign.

This month, they offer all campaign participants 110 points (HAPPINESS). Among the redeemable prizes is their token, JOY. You trade HAPPINESS and JOY in 1:1 ratio.

Back in March, 21th, 2019 TronJoyso becomes the first company to list DOO token. Doo token is issued by gaming platform DooTron. DooTron is a bet-mining game on TRON platform, with more than 1000 users. In addition to DOO token, TronJoyso supports the exchange between 11 more tokens and TRX, including ANTE and IGG.

Dorothy sends TronJoyso warm regards and wishes them to continue building on its success.

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