[Partnership] Dorothy and SwitcheoNetwork

By June 19, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and SwitcheoNetwork

Today at Dorothy and Partner, we are introducing Switcheo, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the multiple blockchain platforms.

Founded on the vision of providing crypto communities a world-class trading experience that enables fully trustless transactions, Switcheo invites investors around the globes with their superior service.

Started on NEO platform, Switcheo is now accessible on Ethereum and EOS networks. It means added convenience to Switcheo users as they can cross-trade between 3 different platforms (NEO, EOS, and Ethereum) from one exchange.

Great UI/UX

When you land on their website, the essential information you want to know to make efficient exchanges are laid out on one page. In addition to the red and green candle chart, Switcheo displays a graph for each exchange rate, helping investors instantly grasp the trend overviews.

Once you connect your wallet, switching between platforms is easy; select the platform (currency) of your choice listed on the bar placed in the top left-hand corner. Then it will list currency options with which you can trade. In the same area, you can change the trading mode between Exchange Market and Over-the-Counter Market (OTC). Swapping between trade modes is also accessible by clicking the menu icon (stacked lines next to the language selection). When you arrive at OTC page, it displays all your pending trades and history, adding extra convenience for managing your assets.

Campaigns that benefit users 

Switcheo hosts events that benefit users. Two such campaigns recently ended, both of which users could win a portion of  a pool with a large amount of money. Recently, Switcheo held a giveaway in celebration of their new release, an atomic swap market between the Ethereum and Neo Blockchains. The event lasted from 6 to 31 May 2019, during which time 25 people won 2,500 SWTCH each per given week. Dorothy thought that it was a nice gesture reflecting the company’s desire for growing together with their users.

Dorothy always thoroughly checks each dApp website before writing an article. After browsing through Swticheo, we felt that the site was intuitive and user-friendly. It left us an impression that that Switcheo does stay true to their guarantee: their constant dedication to enhancing trading experience. We bid Switcheo the best for their growth and all their clients whom the company aims to grow together.

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