[Partnership] Dorothy and SwapMarket by 0xcert

By June 24, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and SwapMarket by 0xcert

Today at Dorothy and Partner, let us introduce a blockchain company of our kindred spirit, 0xcert, and their dApp, SwapMarket. The company aims to pave the way to welcome dApp mass adoption. Their approach, in a nutshell, is building the infrastructure where the benefit of using the non-fungible token (NFT) is accessible to the broadest community possible, comprise of diverse industries.


0xert is a team of many talents, moving together to bring a new economy powered by tokenization of unique items (NFT). For a healthy new economy to spring up in a given field, it requires a healthy amount of transactions within the field. 0xcert provides dApp developers a complete toolset for building secure and scalable products to funnel more participants to the area. More quality dApps in the market, more consumers: a huge step toward a sustainable dApp economy. Notably, they officially released 0xcert Framework v1.0.0 Odin, providing developers improved environment to execute their dApp projects through increasing effectiveness and overall performance of the Framework.

The company is currently working on three major projects, 0xcert Validator, SwapMarket, and Academia, all of which are designed to assist a smooth transition of unique and collectible items from the off-chain world to the blockchain system.

0xcert Validator: appraise your smart contracts and NFT against ERC-721 standards

SwapMarket: swap your NFTs and FTs at the scale of your choice.

Academia: certification management system on blockchain networks for fields of the academy.


SwapMarket is a comprehensive swap place that is completely decentralized. Here you can make custom orders and do the followings:

  1. exchange FT and NFT in any combination (FT to FT, NFT to NFT, and the mixed).
  2. swap either one item at a time or trade a bulk at once.
  3. make a group swap with multiple receivers with a single swap.

Did you know? SwapMarket service is entirely free (what?). They do accept donations; however, there is no fee in making swaps in SwapMarket. If their hard work moves you, you can donate the Ethereum wallet address listed on the website.

Dorothy is very proud of our Partner, 0xcert, and the fruit of their hard work, SwapMarket. SwapMarket is designed with a great UI/UX that users without a firm grasp of the whole concept can find it accessible.

On Oxcart twitter page (twitter.com/0xcert), they ran a month-long campaign on 0xcert Use Case. They are all inspiring! At Dorothy, we very much eager to see these Use Cases come alive 😀 We congratulate our partner on their recent release of the mainnet v.1.0.0 Odin. We are in full expectation of more great things that 0xcert will do that bring us closer to dApp mass adoptions.

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