[Partnership] Dorothy and Steempeak

By July 26, 2019 English

STEEM users often run into a 20-second comment limit – requiring that they wait 20 seconds between comments. This can be frustrating. To a developer whose username is asgarth, it gave him enough impetus to take the matter into his own hands to make the system better. That is how Steempeak started. Now, it has become a place where STEEM users can find all their favorite STEEM tools in one place. It also is very intuitive; easy enough to introduce to your friends and family without the worry of burdening them with a obscure new system with which to grapple. 


At Steempeak, you can easily browse through articles. You can search for articles by keywords, sort them by topics, or pick your favorite curator. If you are interested in sorting articles by the size of their rewards, the platform gives you that option as well. 

You can also access all your favorite Steem tribes from Steampeak.

In case you wonder what Steem tribes are, the notion is really simple: they are communities (or tribes) within the STEEM platform that have its own set of settings. In essence, a tribe is a website that serves as a blog, a forum, and vlog platform that is running on the STEEM engine. Within a tribe, you can create and distribute a Smart Contract Community Token (SCOT) to run your unique reward system. For the article published in a tribe, the reward can be given in Steem Token Units (STU) or in SCOT. If you want to attract a certain type of demographic for the topics of your choice and implement customized incentive system and governance, this is a way to go.

If you are familiar with the content industry, give STEEM a try, as it rewards everyone involved in the process of creating and distributing content. We also recommend that you give Steempeak a try, as it gathered all the available STEEM tools into a single, nicely organized platform. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your not-so-tech-savvy grandpa or grandma, friend, aunties, and uncles could also give you upvotes? It is possible with Steampeak because it is designed with those users in mind, thereby bringing a greater audience to the STEEM ecosystem.

We would love to see how Steampeak continues to evolve to better support users with all levels of blockchain expertise and STEEM background and make it one of the most prolific platforms for content creation.

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