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By July 8, 2019 English

Placing a bet on your favorite sports game without a complicated registration process? Is that even possible? No awkward moment at your bank when you are cashing in the check with your betting reward from say…Belgrade while you are in the States? All these are possible when you place your bet with SportBet.


SportBet gives you a plethora of options: basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, and much more. Not only does it cover many types of sport, but each sport category lists teams from all over the world. Do you want to bet on a soccer game in the Czech Public? Yes, you can. There are currently 8 soccer games from the Czech Public listed on the platform. What about UFC? You can place a bet for a game schedule on July 7, 2019, between Perez A. and Song Y. Wimbledon? Of, course. The US College Football in upcoming September? They got it. The list goes on.

It runs on EOS platform, so currently you need to have your EOS account and Scatter. Once you have those down, you are ready to place a bet in any of those international games you want. It’s that simple. No need to submit extensive paperwork for the bank account verification, or to expose your personal information the third-party intermediary agent. Awesome!

Here is a quick how-to of the system.

Say I want to place a bet on a Wimbledon match. When you click Tennis and choose Atp, the above screen shows up.

H/A: simplest betting. If the player you choose win, you receive your rewards by the payout. Say I placed my bet on R.Opelka and he won, then my reward is 3.34 times to my bet amount.

Handicap: some calls it spread. Pay attention to the sign before the number.
+N: the player loses by less than N points, you receive your reward by the payout. For instance, R.Opelka, in this pair, is the underdog who is “given” +3 point. would somehow lose the game by less than 3 points, then I place my bet on the Handicap mode.
-N: the player win by more than N points. If so, then you receive your reward by the payout. M.Raonic is the favorite in the pair, and if he wins by more than 3 points, then it is a winning bet.

Total: simple under and over. For the pair in the red box, choose between the sum of the total score being over or under 44.5. If your choice is right, then you will get your reward accordingly by the pertinent payout.

If you are an avid sport-betting fan, give Sportbet a try. It is a decentralized, and transparent betting system that most notably, reduces hassles you used to experience in the traditional centralized betting platforms.

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