[Partnership] Dorothy and Royal Online Vegas

By July 22, 2019 English

If you wanted to visit Las Vegas during your vacay time and experience what they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but you just cannot make room in your schedule, let me suggest an alternative: Royal Online Vegas!

Royal Online Vegas

Royal Online Vegas is an online casino run on the EOS blockchain network. Using its blockchain technology, the team aims to offer users the thrill, excitement, and ability to quickly hop online and play an entertaining game while removing the gunk associated with the traditional casino that users hate: greedy and shady companies, intrusive sign-ups, high house edges, and poor player experiences.

Token rewards system (MEV)

MEV tokens represent ownership in the Royal Online Vegas gambling ecosystem. At the end of each season, Royal Online Vegas (ROV) distributes 70% of all EOS house profits to the token holders. The amount each holder claims will be proportioned to their MEV stake amount. You can easily access the payout status right from their website. According to their website, the season is currently set for one calendar week. The next payout, which is in 137 hours, is 89.6060 EOS with the expected payout per 10K MEV of 0.0111 EOS. ROV aims to be a transparent gambling website, and it is wonderful to know that there is no guess-work involved with respect to your rewards.

Fun games

ROV offers games that you are probably already familiar with: Black Jack, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. They also offer other fun games such as Poker Dice, Poker Master, and Jacks or Better. The house edge is as low as possible so you can enjoy the game, while they make sure to make enough profits to benefits all MEV holders.

Mining Multiplier and VIP Status

Depending on your EXP which you gain by playing games on ROV, you can move up the rank of ROV VIP status. As you move up a level, the mining multiplier also increases, giving you a higher chance of completing the mining and earning more money. The mining multiplier influences your mining speed: faster speed: higher chance of finishing the mining before others: more Tokens! In other words, ROV rewards you for playing more games and staying active on their platform.

So if you want to take a short trip to Las Vegas, but you are miles away and need to go to work tomorrow morning, give Royal Online Vegas a try! Who knows how lucky you might be? You will never know unless you try it.

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