[Partnership] Dorothy and Primas

By July 19, 2019 English

Earlier on, we briefly mentioned our partner, Primas, on other social media platforms. Since then, we’ve wanted to introduce our wonderful partner more in-depth. So we are proud to re-introduce to our community Primas: a dApp that aims to restore health to the Internet.

Primas: In pursuit of a healthier Internet environment for all

Primas is simple to access and easy to navigate. You can download Primas to on your phone (Android and iOS), and start sharing your ideas to your audience. Primas rewards you with their native token, PST, for creating and sharing quality contents, and for reviewing contents on the platform to verify their quality.

It is their mission to restore health to the Internet by providing an alternative to fake news, plagiarism, clickbait, and centralized content platforms. 

Primas’ platform offers the following sets of solutions to achieve their mission.

  1. 1. Primas DNA: it is a unique digital fingerprint created by the Primas network for every original content. The DNA is a hash created by compiling metadata pertinent to the content, such as the author, the publication time, and the hash for the content.


  2. 2. Blockchain data protection: Primas incorporates blockchain’s unique immutable property to protect data from malicious attacks.


  3. 3. Primas Content Evaluation System: Primas rewards users with Primas Token (PST) when users review contents to check their quality.
  1. 4. Smart Contract: Primas created smart contracts to execute the process of authorization automatically. The automated process reduces the cost involved when a third-party seeks to contact the author/creator to purchase the publishing license.


  2. 5. Blockchain-based proof-of-existence: as records on the blockchain do not change and are traceable, proof-of-existence technology uses the timestamp in the network to verify the existence of a specific computer file at the given time.
  1. 6. Self-Governance: Users are welcome to join different groups that interest them. These groups are run by a collective user-governance, and all the algorithms for content display are open-sourced and transparent. No member can secretly alter contents without tipping other users in the group.

With the above solution, Primas wants to resolve issues such as loss of credibility, rampant piracy, decrease in content quality, unlicensed content manipulation, and privacy problems.

Dorothy is proud of our Partner, Primas, and their endeavor to create a healthier environment for the content industry. We would love to see Primas transform and bring up the standard for the content industry as a whole.

If you are interested in the Dorothy Partnership Program, please contact us via any of the channels listed below. 

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