[Partnership] Dorothy and Oracle-D

By July 24, 2019 English

One central theme in the blockchain industry is the reinterpretation of existing business models in ways that incentivize all participants. Today, let us introduce to you our partner that designed a unique incentivization system that promotes a prolific creation of quality contents: Oracle-D.


Oracle-D is a dApp running on the Steem blockchain. It is a platform where users continuously add values to the blockchain by completing a wide range of activities. These activities include investing money in Steem tokens, creating quality contents for clients, leaving reviews, and more.

When you create content on Steem, users view your creations and vote for the content. This feature is called upvote. The size of your reward is related to the number of upvotes you receive for a set period since the posting.

Oracle-D platform utilizes this unique function to create a reward pool.

First, investors stake Steem tokens. An important point to note is that they invest in projects they like, not in Oracle-D. There is only a low level of risk for investors as they do not spend their Steem tokens at all. Instead, they yield their influence from Steem purchases, the upvote right, to Oracle-D. Oracle-D then uses these uptvote counts to reward quality content creators and as well as reviewers. As content creators work on a project, new Steem tokens are generated. These new tokens go to the content creator, and a portion comes back to the investor as a dividend.

For an investor, the system benefits them twice. First, the investor’s Steem portfolio increases over time. Second, the projects he or she supports are completed by wonderful content creators. Meanwhile, Oracle-D uses the upvotes that investors have delegated to incentivize the creators and peer-reviewers to keep up the high standards for the contents on the platform.

If you are a blogger, Vlogger, or technical reviewer and are passionate about your work, Oracle-D is the platform for you. What sets Oracle-D apart from other content platforms is that contents creators must request access to join. Oracle-D handpicks creators with a professional level of talent, excellent work ethic, and unique characters to get access to the platform. For investors, it guarantees the delivery of works with only the highest quality. As more prominent investors flock to the platforms, it grants the creators access to projects with substantial compensations that would otherwise have not been available. Oracle-D has two different plans for creators to join: open and pro. While the open-plan allows creators to access the basic tasks, the pro-plans give authors access to all the open tasks, including the ones with heftier compensation.

Even if you are not a content creator, you can maximize your other resources and gain income.

1.Social Media & Content Marketing Guru

If you are proficient at the inner-workings of SEO and content marketing, then help the content creators spread their work and monetize your expertise.

2. Guard against Plagiarism

As Oracle-D aims to keep the highest standard for all the contents on the platform, they reward those who find and prove any plagiarism activities on the contents published on Oracle-D.

Dorothy applauds our partner, Oracle-D, for their efforts to cultivate an organic environment that benefits all the participants while creating top-notch contents all at the same time!

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