[Partnership] Dorothy and OpenSea

By June 10, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and OpenSea

Good day everyone! Today at Dorothy and Partner, we want to shed our spotlight to OpenSea, the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles.

OpenSea is a decentralized marketplace for crypto assets, which include collectibles, gaming items, and other digital goods that are backed by a blockchain like Etherium (opensea.io/faq). They support 120+ asset types, 3,000,000+digital assets, and 15,000ETH transaction. We would say that the ocean of their collection and transaction volume truly live up to the company name, OpenSea.

OpenSea was founded in 2017 on the core vision of cultivating new economies where users have true ownership over their digital assets. They utilize open and transparent protocols, such as Ethereum and the interoperable token such as ERC-721 to enable users to monetize their intangible assets and securely trade them for their worth (opensea.io/faq). Moreover, they believed that open and liquid marketplaces would be the driving force behind the new economies. Staying true to their belief, the company provides toolkits to any developers who desire to build customizable market places that are rich and integrated.

User friendly marketplace that attracts shoppers 

Product display is critical in all sales business. OpenSea has a great UI/UX that is friendly for users of all level of crypto-knowledge. Once you enter their website, it welcomes you with a very inviting landing page that attractively displays items that you can procure only in the crypto world. Did you have something in mind before visiting OpenSea? With their powerful searching tool conveniently located on the top, you can look for the item of your interest. The searching tool is backed by an intelligent sorting mechanism that guides like a GPS until you finally find your treasure. Did you just saunter into OpenSea, hoping to strike gold? No problem. At OpenSea, it is convenient to browses through featured items, newest collections, and items whose sales are ending soon.

Once you find your treasure, the transaction is also simple. Depending on which web environment, desktop or mobile devices, run either a wallet extension or Ethereum-compatible browser to fund your OpenSea account. The website will also take you through every step of the way to complete your transaction.

Hassle-free environment for sellers of all levels

If you are a seller interested in selling your item, you can list the item on OpenSea. You can choose to sell your item at a fixed price, a declining price, or an auction. Depending on the number and the type of merchandise you want to sell, you have an option to list a “bundle” of items. Not only that, if you are an active seller that wants to create your customized marketplace, OpenSea offers toolkits for your ERC-721 or non-fungible token (NFT) project (https://docs.opensea.io). Not only do they help you kickstart your page, but they also provide analytics that supports steady business growth.

Psst! They also have the bounty program where a user can act as a matchmaker and earn an extra incentive for sale closed! How cool is that?

All very lovely but not sure where to begin? You can rest assured as their webpage will kindly guide you step-by-step.

Transparent and open transaction for all users

All transaction records are safely stored using blockchain. Therefore, history is immutable and accessible to all users. The operation is genuinely transparent as all users can review transaction records with an easy click of the Activity tab. Once you enter the Activity page, you can view more information of a given transaction by clicking the transaction button; it takes you to Etherscan page that displays detailed information pertinent to the chosen transaction.

As our vision is for the dApp ecosystem to grow and succeed together, it warms our heart to partner with a dApp such as OpenSea that strives to foster healthy digital economies and supports enterprise-centric activities on blockchain environment.

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