[Partnership] Dorothy and HireVibes

By July 17, 2019 English

One of the main attractions of blockchain technology is that it connects people without the control of a central decision making authority. Today at the Dorothy partnership, let us introduce to you HireVibes, a dApp that connects the right job with the right people.


ireVibes is a Referrals and Employer Branding tool (www.hirevibes.io). For companies, HireVibes finds the right person for open positions. For jobseekers, it connects them to the kind of job openings that they’ve been seeking.

Q. Looking for the right person?

Posting a job on HireVibes is free. You can simply contact their customer service team and they will lead the way. You only pay when you complete a hire. HireVibes released their Alpha version on July 9th, 2019, and the site lists job openings from major companies. HireVibes allows hirers to pay using both Fiat currencies and their native token, HVT, attracting mainstream companies to list their job openings on the platform.

Q. How is it better compared to a traditional recruiting site?

It transparently incentivizes both recruiters and referees, using blockchain smart contracts. When an employer posts a job, they can set their reward level between 6%-12%. This is what the employer pays, but only when he or she successfully fills the position. This is called a referral reward. Of this, 3.5% will be shared among parties involved with filling the position successfully: the new employee, and referees and recruiters, when applicable. Because there is a tangible monetary incentive for making the right referrals to the right employers, peers on the platform will be more likely to take a closer look at the postings.

Additionally, using blockchain technology for sharing the employer’s data adds transparency in the process, helping job seekers make informed decisions.

Q. How will it benefit my company brand?

1% of each filled job is donated to a charity; the successful candidate can select which humanitarian or environmental projects he/she wants to support. The staff at HireVibes has been working on a “proof-of-donation” feature to prevent any potential fraud related to donations. All these recipients are required to make an itemized list of goods and services purchased with donated funds.

For their Alpha release, HireVibes selected Humane Love as their charity partner. Humane Love builds schools in their local region in Africa.

Benefiting the employer, employee, recruiters, and referees with one filled-job — is definitely an interesting model of the job-market industry. 

We look forward to seeing how HireVibes will evolve to add their unique flair and contribution to the traditional approach of job match-making services.

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