[Partnership] Dorothy and Goat Cash

By July 31, 2019 English

The beauty of blockchain dApps is that you can easily materialize your ideas into something tangible. On that note, I would like to introduce you to a very interesting dApp project: Goat Cash.

Goat Cash

Goat Cash does several things with a fun goatish spin.

  1. 1. Goat Cash and Goat Cash Airdrop
  2. 2. Goat ClashReal Goat Drop
  3. 3. Real Goat Drop (partnered with Heifer International Charity)

Goat Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system on the blockchain. Using the immutable property of a blockchain, Goat Cash aspires to create a transparent and secure environment for the P2P cash transaction.

Now that we have gotten down the 101 about them, let’s move on to some of the fun ways they run their business, which is what I really want to talk about today.

1. How do you receive Goat Cash?

First of all, they decided to issue as many tokens as the world’s goat population. After counting, they came to the conclusion that there are 450 million goats in the world. Therefore, they issued 450 million goat cash.

To receive Goat Cash via airdrop, you need to submit an original goat picture. Are you familiar with the “not hotdog” technology/app developed by Jiang-Yang? It stirred up a storm when it first came out It’s an app that demonstrated AI in a fun application. Essentially, the app tells you if the picture is a hotdog or not. Inspired by the technology, the Goat Cash developed a technology whereby the picture you submit is determined to be a picture of a goat and, if it is, then whether it is a copy or an original. Depending on the result, the algorithm assigns a score to each submission. The score is the metric that determines the size of Goat Cash given to the person who submitted the picture.

2. Goat Clash

Goat Clash is a fun betting game. The game involves two goats having a joke-battle. You pick which of the two goats would win in the joke contest. If you win, you get to keep the GOAT prize. You can play the game with a light heart, knowing that a portion of the proceeds from the game will go toward dropping real goats to real people.

3. Goat Drop. The real one. 

Every month, Goat Cash makes a donation to Heifer International charity to drop real goats to communities to help people in poverty. They want to donate some of the proceeds from Goat Clash dApp to this cause. It is super cool that you get to play a fun game of goats and also benefiting someone in need of …. goats. 
To mark this landmark, they recently dropped 50,000 GOAT to Heifer’s address:

.  .  .

We’ve seen plenty of dApps partnering with NGO organizations and countless betting dApps. However, we have never quite come across a project that is as unique as Goat Cash when it comes to the business model. We had lots of fun getting to know this eclectic project. In its own way, Dorothy thinks that Goat Cash demonstrates well the upper hand that blockchain dApp developers have over a centralized system: a less restrictive environment that lets you freely express what you envision.

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