[Partnership] Dorothy and FOAM

By June 28, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and FOAM

Have you met a project whose work, both by its ingenuity and the quality completely captivates you? I had one of those moments earlier today when I visited FOAM. Let me introduce you to a head-turner of a dApp project, FOAM: the consensus-driven map of the world and a new Dorothy partner.

FOAM currently offers two services: FOAM Map and FOAM Location. Together, they envision creating a crowdsourced library of location data without satellites and applying it to various services that could use the data. Bypassing the need for satellites and the centralized network (the current GPS system) that is vulnerable to attacks (hacking and spoofing), FOAM provides an alternative solution to location service that is open, decentralized, and immune to a single point of failure.

FOAM Map is a collection of registries verified by the community. Anyone can add places to the FOAM Map and share their knowledge of the world. A new place must be verified in multiple stages. Even after the place is added, cartographers (that’s you!) can challenge the mapped location if they find something at odd. The map will increase its value as it collects more crowdsourced location data. The system prevents erroneous data entry by requiring FOAM token to add and verify locations.

FOAM Location is a permissionless and autonomous network of radios that offer secure location services through time synchronization. FOAM users participate in two ways: create a signal or offer location services.

In essence, each participant becomes the beacon that emits radio signals (Zone Anchors) that covers a certain radius.

  1. A person first stakes FOAM tokens to function as a beacon, a Zone Anchor. Then, this Anchor is connected to three other radio beacons, sending ping signals to each other.
  2. After the connection is made, the time is synched at these four Anchors. After a consensus is made, it establishes a Zone. These Zone Anchors are rewarded with FOAM tokens.
  3. When a location customer enters a Zone requesting for Presence Claim, the customer pays these Zone Authorities for the service in cryptocurrencies. Then, these zone authorities (four radio beacons) ping signals to the customer to detect the distance by measuring the time it takes to send the message. The information is then stored in the local blockchain to arrive at a consensus of the event. FOAM system uses this information to calculate the location.
  4. The consensus (Presence Claim), is then sent to the verifiers to check it against data recorded in other zones. This is then printed to the Ethereum blockchain and made public.
  5. Finally, the customer receives the verified location claim via decentralized location dApps.

Proof of location has an array of applications including mobility and transportation, location-based gaming, and supply chains (foam.space). We are very excited to see how the mass adoption of decentralized location service about our partnership with FOAM!

If you are interested in the Dorothy Partnership Program, please contact us via any of the channels listed below.

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