[Partnership] Dorothy and EOS REEL

By August 14, 2019 English

If you are looking for an online casino with cool slot machines with awesome visual effects, I have just the one in mind. This dApp offers such a great visual effect because of their collaboration with pixEOS. Oh! I forgot to tell you that this casino guarantees fairness and transparency. Let me introduce to you our partner, EOS REEL.

Welcome to EOS REEL

When you enter eosreel.io, four different types of slot machines are waiting for you to have some fun: Red Diamond, Fortune’s Door, pixEOS Reel I (bet options are given in prize multiplier), and pixEOS Reel II (bet options are given in the betting amount).

Depending on your mood of the moment, you can pick any one of them for a fun and fair game.

What is pixEOS?

What is pixEOS anyway? It is a digital canvas on the EOS blockchain that pays you anytime other artist paints over your pixels. It is a tool that creates a unique collaborative digital art. These art pieces on pixEOS, once complete, become non-fungible tokens. So if feel very artsy and funky that day, there are just the right slot machines that will float with your mood. What an interesting place where game and art collide to create something better?

Just letting you know, when you play Red Diamond and Fortune’s Door, you earn EOS. When you play pixEOS REEL I and II, you earn pixEOS token.

Easy access to exchange

When you walk into an off-line casino, there is an exchange by the entrance to the machines and game tables. EOS REEL has a similar structure: you can conveniently access both the exchange and the slot machines from one website. They are directly connected to the Newdex exchange.

As the game is running on the EOS blockchain, there are opportunities for block producing, or mining EOS and earn substantial incomes. As the dApp is running on the EOS platform, it offers a special incentive system that incentivizes both the Resource Exchange (REX) and Block Producer (BP). As a quick note, EOS transactions are verified by block producers who are voted in by the community of EOS token holders. EOS REEL also offers players the ER Token. When you stake ER token, you are eligible to collect the daily dividend.

Dorothy thinks that EOS REEL is doing a wonderful job of creating a niche that only possible on the blockchain industry: Colliding collective art meeting gambling to reward all participants.

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