[Partnership] Dorothy and EOS Gameboy

By September 6, 2019 English

Do you miss the old school arcade machine? It used to be very easy to find them, but they are becoming harder to find with each passing year. The nostalgic sentiment toward memories from the past has become a cultural trend in Korea, and it is called Newtro(a mashup word of new and retro — fun oxymoron play with words). Today, let me introduce to you a very Newtro dApp, EOSGameboy.

EOS Gameboy

EOS Gameboy is a simple dApp. They offer “how to play”, as some of the users may still find dApp game hard to start, even with simple UI/UX. The game is an online dApp version of the rock, scissors, paper arcade game. The flow is very simple. First, set your bet. Next, choose among Rock, Scissors, and Paper button to win. Each button has the same probability of 1/12. The game also offers a referral program where you earn 10% of the house edge on all their wagers. Pretty sweet deal.

If you like playing mini gambling games but want to try something other than the usual choice of roulette and dice, give EOS Gameboy a try. Not only will it bring you the chance to win money, but it also allows you to walk down memory lane of the good ole time.

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