[Partnership] Dorothy and Dragonereum

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[Partnership] Dorothy and Dragonereum

If having your own squad or platoon of dragons is your thing (like Daenerys Targaryen from GTO, perhaps), here is the dApp for you. Let me introduce you to Dragonereum. It is a crypto-collectible, P2P game whereby users collect, raise, and breed unique dragons and engage in battles with their dragons.

The flow of the game is intuitive. Get an egg, raise it, train it, and engage in battles, and repeat the process. Of course, the game gives players lots of options they can customize, making their dragons outstanding in many ways: battle power, aesthetical values, rarity, and more.

If you participate in Genesis egg distribution, you can get a special egg of your own for free. Also, these Genesis eggs do not require GOLD (token published by Dragonereum) to hatch. Missed the chance? Don’t despair. You can get eggs from a marketplace as well, but you will need Gold to hatch those eggs.

The Genesis event will last for 42500 blocks or approximately 7 days. The first 5000 Genesis eggs will be released in every block. After that, the number of blocks required to release an egg will increase every 1250 eggs by a multiplier of 2. For instance, once the first batch of 5000 dragon eggs is released, the next set of 1250 eggs will require 2 blocks. The following set of 1250 will require 4 blocks, then 8 blocks, then 16 blocks and so forth.


There are five dragon types: water, cyber, fire, earth, and air. One type has advantages over two other types when engaged in a battle. Therefore, having the right combination of dragons is important to increase your chance of winning and being the top scorer amongst the players. These dragons come with a unique combination of strengths, composed of Attach, Defense, Stamina, Speed, and Intelligence.


Dragonerum is unique from other dueling games that one can instigate a battle. When one does, the other party can respond to the attack. The game also gives you the option of activating a special attack and utilizing a special defense skill when your dragon meets a certain condition.

Breed and level up

When your dragon has accumulated the required number of XP, you can either have your dragon level up or breed it with another dragon. When you level up, you can add special body parts and skills. Obviously, a dragon of higher level will have a better chance of winning battles.

Breeding creates a unique dragon, that is one-of-kind. The breeding follows a blockchain breeding algorithm, which mixes DNAs of the two dragons involved to create a new one with its unique and random features.

There is a limited number of GOLD (60,000,000) on the system and it becomes increasingly difficult to win them as the number of active dragons on the platform increases. That definitely gives the early adopter a distinctive advantage.

The game design is backed by a strong algorithm to ensure active dragon exchange, GOLD circulation, and fun! Why don’t you give yourself a chance to become a dragon master and see where it takes you?

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