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By September 20, 2019 English

I am so proud of companies that are doing an exceptional job at creating dapps. With higher quality dApps, the utility of blockchain will increase. As such, we will be that much closer to blockchain mass realization.

Dragon 7

My issues with a lot of dApps are their poor UI/UX. A lot of time, I couldn’t tell how to work the site nor the dApps games. Many of them left me with the burden of too much studying with very little return, as the actual game was not even that entertaining. That is not the case with Dragon 7, a dApp gaming site that offers an array of wonderful games. What impresses me a lot is first, its clean and intuitive UI/UX and storytelling graphic design. The clean UI/UX offers an elegant presentation of what users can do within a glance. On the landing page, you size up all the vital information at a glance.

  1. 1. Score high in the leaderboard and earn extra points
  2. 2. Refer your friends and receive up to 0.5% fees for all bets made by the referees.
  3. 3. Check-in for seven consecutive days and get a check-in prize
  4. 4. Win a treasure box for every 777 trx played.

They also offer a demo version for each game. Mind you, there are currently over 115 games on that site, and every one of the game provides a demo video. I personally have never encountered any dApp site that offers that much information for users. You don’t need to guess what sort of game you’d be playing when you enter. Simply click the demo and see it for yourself before choosing it. In terms of the categories, there are Mystery JP, Fish Game, Arcade Game, Lottery, and Card Game.

The above is a screenshot from Dragon Fishing, one of their fishing game. I tried their demo, and it was so simple, straightforward, yet so much fun. The graphic was super cool. The objective of the game is to aim at a fish and shoot at it until it gives you coins or points. Each fish has a unique way of giving you rewards. Some are harder to crack then other, yet it is not too difficult-making you keep coming back. As you level up, the background scene also changes, adding to the fun of the game.

What I loved about their demo version was that it lets you play the actual game-not a shorthand version, or passively watching a play video. I felt immersed in the game and didn’t notice time gone by.

I have a great expectation for this partner. Incentive transparency stemming from the nature of blockchain often is presented as the best foot forward by a lot of gambling and game dApps to distinguish them from conventional app games. While the transparency does apply to this game, however, that is simply one of the best feet forward. Their overall qualities are already good enough to attract and maintain gamers. Transparency and fairness will be what will really push them beyond their competitors.

I am so proud of our partner Dragon 7. It gives me the sense that we the blockchain community are not that far from finding the killer dApps that will be unanimously loved by both blockchain users and newcomers.

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