[Partnership] Dorothy and DEOS Games

By August 2, 2019 English

How about a game of chance with no house edge? How about playing fun games on a platform that offers bankroll staking? And yes, you can also choose the option for instant cashout. Now, that sounds great! Today, let me introduce to our partner, DEOS Games, that offers all that and more.

DEOS Games

DEOS Games is an EOS game platform. The company was inspired by the success of ETH game dApps. Unlike ETH games, however, DEOS Games wanted to offer a gaming environment where users do not need to battle for transaction fees. To achieve their goal, they decided to forego the complex ICO process. Instead, they focused on creating good products where the users can vote for it using tokens. DEOS Games currently offers dice, slots, poker, and hold’em. Blackjack and Roulette are on their way in the near future. DEOS Games plans to create a total of 21 EOS games.

With all their games, DEOS games prioritizes making them very convenient, smooth and UI friendly on EOS. The most recent addition to their portfolio is Push-Fold Holdem Poker. The game is simple and fast-paced. Once you are given your initial two cards, you choose between Push or Folding. If you choose to Push, then you pay for 10 big blinds bet. All 5 cards are shared and the winner is decided. EASY! It also is fast; as soon as one Push is done, it is time for another! As such, the game builds momentum rather quickly, which means more excitement for the players!

Staking rewards

There are two different ways to participate in a staking reward program: the conventional staking & claim and combat cashback.

Staking and Claim: this is the version that most users are familiar with. You simply stake a certain amount of token, DEOS in this case, and receive a reward. The reward is proportional to the size of your stake in relation to the total DEOS pool. This constitutes 80% of the total payout. What about the remaining 20%? That’s where the next category comes in play.

Combat Cashback: this suggests a bonus paid to DEOS holders. The size of the bonus is determined by your ranking. Your rank is determined by the level of your activities on the platform. Supposed you staked 1M DEOS. To be qualified as a Rookie with “0.05%” as the qualifier, you need to spend 500 EOS during the staking period by playing various games on the platform. If so, a 0.5x multiplier is applied when calculating your rewards.

At Dorothy, we were quite surprised by their bold claim regarding 0% house edge and the instant cashout option. DEOS games, like many other blockchain game platforms, offer fair chance set by the provably fair system. Also, all the moves are recorded on the EOS platform, which any player can take a look at any given time.

If you are looking for a fun game platform run by a transparent system that also promises better odds for players, we think giving DEOS games a try is a savvy move.

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