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By August 26, 2019 English

Sit back, relax, and watch your income grow. What an idyllic joy! I am talking about earning passive income by playing an easy game. Let me introduce to you, CryptoMiner World, an idle game that brings money into your wallet.

CryptoMiner World

First things first. What is an idle game? It is a type of game that does not require any input from users aside from an initial action. Next thing is, how then do players earn money? You get a patch of ground from the game. Then you let your computer dig the ground and find something valuable. You just press the “start” button and the hard work of mining is done by the system. It’s that simple. How do players buy plots? You can designate from which country you want to buy your patch, or you can just get it from a random place. These patches appear as though someone took a rectangular-shaped cookie cutter and pressed it all the way through the earth until he/she reaches the border of the crust and the upper mantle. They resemble push-pops. You simply take these geodes push-pops to your workshop and have your system start digging through them for treasures.

The plot comprises 5 layers: dirt, clay, limestone, marble, and obsidian. Once you dig through the obsidian layer, you reach the bottom of plot geode. Depending on where you are in the plot layer determines the chances of finding treasures, as well as mining speed.

Treasures you mine are non-fungible tokens that can be traded at a marketplace. In addition to silver and gold, there are gems and artifacts to unearth. Just as we assign levels to diamonds per their clarity and color, each gem has a grade, which ranges from AAA to D. The highest being AAA, a higher grade Gem can mine faster.

Other than mining for artifacts, gems, and precious metals, the game offers Chests! Simply put, it is CryptoMiner World’s version of jackpots. There are two kinds: gemstone chest and world chest. A fixed portion from plot sales goes into filling up both of these chests. Gemstone chests will have 10 ETH while the world chest has 200 ETH. There will be an unlimited number of gemstone chests (when the condition is met, 10 ETH is collected from plot sale, a chest is ready to open), there will only be one world chest. In terms of the gemstone chest, the timer for submitting player’s key will begin once the 10ETH is filled. The key submission will last one month at which point a lucky key will be chosen to receive 10 ETH. The timer for key submission for the world chest will begin once the last plot of land is sold. The campaign will last for a month. Once the time is up, one lucky person will receive a whooping 200 ETH.

How about give CryptoMiner World a try, and fill your wallet with some passive income, and try your luck to see if you may be hit by a chest with 10 ETH, or even 200 ETH? I’d say it is not a bad move at all!

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