[Partnership] Dorothy and Etherman (part of Cryptoman)

By July 3, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and Etherman

Welcome to Etherman: The biggest Blockchain Blast! Today at Dorothy’s partnership, we introduce you to ETHERMAN (part of Cryptoman) ! Depending on the token of your preference, you may choose your game among the following options: Etherman, Tronman, Waykiman, and Bitcoin Bomber.

This is the story of Tronman. The year 2019 is marked with desolation and ruin as the misgovernment led the Tron world into chaos. The survivors are left without direction, fear for their lives. Now is the time for a new Tron clan to rise and restore the order. Is it a cute dApp version of GOT? Let’s find out.

ETHERMAN (Cryptoman)

There are four clans in all of the Cryptoman games: Samurai, Pirates, Vikings, and Warrior girls. These are their backstories.

  1. Samurai: this clan would see tradition maintained, honoring the vision and customs established by their forefathers.
  2. Pirates: fueled by greed, they only seek riches, bounty, and profits.
  3. Vikings: this clan seeks division and separation in order to control the inhabitants of the Crypto world.
  4. Warrior girls: The noble and peaceful warrior girls seek to control only to avoid domineering oppression from other clans.

Regardless of which character you choose, they have equal power and ability. The objective of the game is really simple. Just defeat your opponent by strategically placing bombs in their path. You can use the following items to boost your chance of winning the games.

When you first play the game, you are asked to pick a team. It indeed matters which team you pick at this point. The initial team you choose will be bound to your wallet address. You cannot change the team within the same wallet. Losing and winning affects the fee (tribute) you pay to play the game.

  1. If you win a fight and your team is leading with the high-score, then you don’t need to pay the tribute to the high-score leader.
  2. If you win a fight and your team is not leading at that moment, you still need to pay tribute to the high-score leader. This means the high-score leader gets paid for just being awesome :D. For the rest of the players, take heart! You get additional points added to your score when you are not of the ruling team, and these added points help you catch up FAST~!

Listed under the “Rules” page. You also place a stake to play each round, and the size of your stake determines the points you receive upon winning the round.

What we find interesting is that 2.5% of the stakes go straight for charity. Also, 5% of the stakes go to the affiliate who helps Cryptoman create their community. This is the same share as the developers get. That is generous!

The following is an excerpt from the list of charitable donations they made from the game proceeds.

http://philanthropyblockchain.org, Nov-01–2018 03:01:22 PM +UTC, 16,- USD
https://www.givecrypto.org, Dec-22–2018 03:28:29 PM, 50,- USD
https://www.sos-kinderdorf.at/campaign/cryptodonations, Feb-03–2019 11:04:50 AM +UTC, 53,- USD

What a great way to have fun, and to also give a gift that keeps on giving! Dorothy applauds our partner, Cryptoman, for creating a fun and positive environment. Way to go!

If you are interested in the Dorothy Partnership Program, please contact us via any of the channels listed below.

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