[Partnership] Dorothy and Chibi Fighter

By June 17, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and Chibi Fighter

Hey there! Your love for RPG games is going to love you back with some real money. Today at Dorothy and partner, we are introducing Chibi Fighters.

We thought it is an absolutely brilliant way of accentuating blockchain’s incentive system by giving the player back the real money as a reward right away. There are multiple ways in which you make money in Chibi Fighter.

Alright. Let’s cut the chase and get straight to the essentials as to how you can start the game.

First, let’s quickly go over how you get your own Chibi character.

1. Beginner: if you are curious about how Chibi Fighter works but not sure if you want to commit to it? Claim a free Chibi character and see how the game works. As you have fun, you will be ready for the next phase, the true warrior

2. True Warrior: this phase unlocks all the actions in the game. To start this phase, you need to buy a Chibi. When you buy a Chibi from Chibi Fighter, you get a random one. What adds to the fun is that these Chibis come with their unique set of DNA(oh what?), determining their strength and weakness. You can combine these unique traits by fusing multiple Chibis. Are you looking for a Chibi with specific traits? Each Chibi is a collectible item (ERC-721 token)so you can purchase a Chibi character of your choice from a store, like one of Dorothy’s partners, OpenSea.io.

3. Legends: if you have purchased Founder Token (FCF) from presale, you can grab a legendary Chibi at no additional cost.

Now you have your awesome Chibi, you can start collecting crystals and coins. Psst! When you buy a Chibi character from Chibi Fighter homepage, you also receive 1000 coins and 400 gems. Off to a good start.

The followings are important currencies/valuables to remember.

Coins: off-chain currency for non-premium items like potions and other pre-requisites.
Gem: not a currency, but very valuable as it increases your Cave share. They can be staked for a week (it expires afterward) for a percentage of the ETH crystals generated in the cave. A gem is equal to 533 Eth Shards
ETH Crystal: off chain currency for all premium things in Chibi Fighter: They ride you of all gas fees and transaction cost. Current crystal price stands at 0.0022 ETH
ETH Shards: literally shards of ETH. Gather shards to make one complete ETH.

Now we know how to start and which items to look out, how about we talk about types of games or ways to bring the dough?

Daily Tasks: there are rotating daily tasks that return a good amount of gems. You can store them in your Crystal Cave and get a share of the ETH Shards.

Adventures: Send your Chibi warrior on a scavenger hunt and they may return with ETH shard (money!) or ETH Crystal adventure offline. This will increase XP of your Chibi, help it level up, and unlock more island to explore. When Chibis come back, they will return with some loots like gears or weapons. You can sell these loots for gold or ETHShards on the market.

The Hunt: You battle your way through orks and bosses. When you win, you earn loots. You can use these loots for your Chibi, or sell them at the market.

PVP (battle mode): Hand to hand combat with other Chibi character. You earn points by defeating your opponent. You are matched with a Chibi with a similar XP level or more. The game will use your traits to find a worthy opponent. Remember, there is no point in defeating someone of a lower level. Pick a fair fight and get a fair prize 😀

Fusion: Do you have an awesome Chibi with incredible traits? Let people fuse their Chibis with yours 😀 You get to keep 80% of the fusion cost.

Crystal Cave: Store the gems that you earn from the Hunt or the Daily task. You may receive ETHShard for the deposits. Easy~

There are other games such as Zeppelin games, legendary fragments, and Lizard people games which you can earn money.

To make the game more interesting, you can join a clan for an experience. Go out on an adventure together with your clan for better and efficient adventure.

You can find more about it on their website.

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