[Partnership] Dorothy and BTU-Hotel

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[Partnership] Dorothy and BTU-Hotel

BTU Protocol is the first peer-to-peer booking protocol, reducing the number of paid intermediaries. The fewer middlemen translates to a price reduction and more equitable commissions that benefit the service and network providers.

BTU rewards individuals to post BTU-booking information (links) on their social media site, thereby organically creating a decentralized system that advertises fun and exciting travel packages using established networks. If anyone wants to participate, they can simply download a widget and install it to their webpage or to their Facebook page, and share BTU booking links from their social channels. Suppose your friends made a booking using the link you posted on your social channel: you will then get a commission from proceeds from that reservation. If you are an influencer, this is an interesting way of monetizing your audience.

BTU does not take any transaction commission from the platform and accepts all major credit cards for booking a trip posted on the platform. As such, the entry bar is very low for any participants who wish to experience this new way of arranging trips using blockchain technology and get incentives at the same time.

BTU-Protocol currently offers three types of bookings: hotels, guided tours, and, “From the Producer” that connects you and the local producers. Under their hotel lists are some of the best hotels you can find in major cities such as Barcelona, New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Under the guided tours, you can find exciting activities you can do while you are in Paris. On their website, they say that BTU Protocol now connects more than 400 tourist activities and excursions including the Eiffel Tower. “From the Producer” offers local produces, such as artisanal goose foie gras, which you can buy at a discounted price and have it shipped to your residence. If you are a foodie and always out for a great local treat, then this is something you should take a look at.

So if you have been considering visiting “the City of Lights”, then give BTU-Protocol a fair chance! You will be rewarded with wonderful trips, and your wallet will also thank you. Actually, they have 2 million hotels and properties at the best price under their list. Take a look at them if you want to go about jet -setting to The Big Apple (NYC), the new “City that never Sleeps” (Tel Aviv), and other fun spots!

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