[Partnership] Dorothy and Bounty0X

By July 1, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and Bounty0X

It is a field of wild opportunities! The chosen one will seize the bounty! Welcome to Bounty0x: a place for posting your “WANTED” project with a bounty and letting a community of experts race for the prize. What a brilliant way to crowdsource the best solution out there for your project 😀


Bounty0x is a platform for cryptocurrency bounty hunting. It supports six major platforms: Ethereum, Eos, Stella, Neo, Tron, and Waves. You can make payments using any of the utility tokens published by these platforms. In addition to that, Bounty0x offers several features that ensure a high quality of work and an efficient selection process. To facilitate the system, Bounty0x uses BNTY tokens.

Let’s look at the three major players in the Bounty0x platform: host, hunter, and sheriff.

Host: the person who posts bounty projects. There are an array of different projects posted by hosts, including airdrop, content creation, digital marketing, graphic design, programming, translation, and more! Running out of ideas for the company slogan? Post it on Bounty0x! Seriously, why stop at picking your co-worker’s brain for new ideas when you have the global community at your disposal?!

Hunter: Hunters choose bounty postings they would like to complete in exchange for a reward. High quality work receives more rewards with the tiered based reward categorization system of the platform. Woohoo! Here is a tip for the hunters! If you stake BNTY, then Bounty0x reduces the customary 15% transaction fee paid by Hunters (Hunter’s Earning Fee). The proceedings from the transaction fees are used to reward Bounty Sheriffs, gas fees for token distribution, and to grow Bounty0x platform. Your BNTY stake also gives you the option to submit an appeal when your work is not approved.

Sheriff: These are the people who will help the hosts review submissions. If your project is worth pursuing, there will be so many submissions that you would not be able to carefully consider all of them. Sheriffs are there for you. They stake BNTY tokens prior to review. The risk of losing their stakes when submitting improper reviews really motivates them to stay alert. The reward when their work is chosen also motivates them to do the right work.

All bounty participants must undergo the verification process called Know Your Customer, better known as KYC. It is an identity service incorporated for the protection of both the hunter and the host. Bounty0x is partnered with KABN for KYC support. It is currently free for all participants.

The above hosts have successfully posted projects on Bounty0x and have had positive results. If you click the icon, you can review projects that are in open-seasons, available for hunting.

Dorothy is rooting for Bounty0x and their success. We would love to see more blockchain companies flourish with Bounty0x and result in success cases that would lead to the mass adoption of this technology.

If you are interested in the Dorothy Partnership Program, please contact us via any of the channels listed below.

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