[Partnership] Dorothy and BetHash

By June 21, 2019 English

[Partnership] Dorothy and BetHash

Today at Partnership corner, we introduce BetHash, a dApp where you can enjoy casino and make a pit stop at the crypto exchange all at the same place. By the way, now is the perfect time to visit BetHash as they are doing $10,000 race which ends at the end of June.

The Fairest Satoshi-Style Decentralized Crypto Casino

BetHash offers users Lottery, Dice, BlackJack, and Slots, all of which employ EOS transaction hash to generate winning numbers. The “Satoshi-Style” of generating the lucky number systematically blocks any chance of altering the outcome, as there is no way of predicting the latest hash number. This is unlike other blockchain games employing a random number generator on their platform, which leaves a minute potential for an opening for modification. The system is based on the EOS system, however, they accept Bitcoin, ETH, and TRX as well.

A casino that rewards users for their participation

Traditionally, the house edge is an advantage belongs to Casinos that often not shared with players. BetHash is different. Let’s talk about BetHash’s unique ways that put money into users’ pockets.

The first order of business, let’s take a look at their two tokens: H Point, and HASH.
H Point: point you receive just by playing games regardless of the result. When you have more H Point, you can place a bigger wager, leading to a bigger prize. You can exchange H point to HASH.
HASH: token used to participate in the reward system. When you do, you can receive a portion from Bonus Pool.

Now, let’s take a look at all the wonderful and lucrative rewards programs.

  1. Passive Income: 65% of all house edge will be sent to the Bonus Pool in real time. All HASH holders will partake a share proportionately.
  2. Loyalty rewards program: BetHash shares 100 % of their Net Profit with HASH holders.
  3. Referral System: BetHash gives you the opportunity to earn as much as 15% of the house edge on your referred users’ bets, regardless whether they win or lose!

Integrated Exchange Place for Better User Experience.

BetHash has an Exchange place right there on their website. You can conveniently exchange HASH for EOS, TRX for EOS, or in any combination you prefer. You can also check out the jackpot size, participate in the jackpot, also access information on EOS block producers all on the same page.

Right now, they have a special campaign going on: BetHASH Wars! There is no minimum bet required to try your luck of winning a portion of $10,000, with a $4,000 cash prize for the first prize.

The campaign ends on June 30th, 2019. Have fun and see if you can be struck by $.

Dorothy is proud that our partner is utilizes the blockchain technology to open more ways to reward their clients

If you are interested in Dorothy Partnership Program, contact us via any channels listed below.


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