[Partnership] Dorothy and Alpha Wallet

By August 21, 2019 English

If you have some interest in crypto markets and dApps, you would know that getting a crypto wallet is a must. Depending on their activities, people can have one or multiple wallets.

I personally have seen many wallets that are tailored for a token investment. Only a few, however, are customized specifically for dApp uses. Today, I would like to introduce to you our partner, Alpha Wallet — one of the few.

Alpha Wallet

Alpha Wallet is available from Google Play and the App Store. I downloaded from the App Store to see how it works. The download and installation went without a hitch. Once downloaded, it automatically created a wallet for me.

Alpha Wallet supports Ethereum and xDAI chain, handling ETH, xDai, ETC, and POA. What drew my immediate attention was just how clean and easy the UI/UX was. I didn’t really need a guide to find out how to navigate through the wallet. It offers the option of currency, assets, and collectibles.

Transfer of assets is also easy. The design is very minimalistic, providing users with very straightforward messages regarding various functions.

Also, if you click “Browser”, it takes you to the list of curated dApps. As Dorothy is a dApp store striving to see more people using cool dApps, I was mooning over this feature. You can access all the dApps from your wallet! I tried clicking different dApps on the list to check how smooth the transition was from the wallet to the dApps. I would like to give it an A+ mark. The transition was very smooth and it was also very easy to come back to the wallet whenever I wanted.

Dorothy is very proud of Alpha Wallet for all its attention to details to give users a clean and smooth experience.

If your blockchain activities involve mainly ETH, or if you want to introduce your friends to blockchain and are looking for a wallet with great UI/UX, give Alpha Wallet a try.

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