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By August 2, 2019 English

Imagine that you are an advertiser handing out leaflets on the street. Without you knowing, someone burned a stash of your leaflets. You are happily on your way to print more of them, thinking you have reached a lot of people. Meanwhile, you cannot help but sense a small cloud of doubt rising within you. While this is just a fictional story, it would nevertheless be a very upsetting situation for the advertiser. An online counterpart of this hypothetical scenario would be the click-fraud found in Pay-Per-Click/View/Play ad industries. According to an article published by AdEx, 30% to 50% percent of ad fees are wasted due to various Ad frauds. Not only is it taxing to advertisers, but it also muddles the ad ecosystem as a whole and hurts all the players in the field.


dEx wants to give the industry an alternative using blockchain technology, thereby benefiting both advertisers and publishers. First, AdEx rids the need for third-party companies that connects advertisers and publishers. These third-party companies came into the picture as a response to the growing need for target-specific delivery of advertisement: the right ad, to the right audience, at the right time. These middlemen also act as the body that reports how effective an ad is. Unfortunately, the system often resulted in the middlemen overquoting to the advertiser the number of impressions an Ad reached while underquoting it to the publisher. This amounts to an atrocious cost of doing business. Incorporating blockchain technology, AdEx connects advertisers and publishers directly. Each impression reached turns into a real-time payment-no room for inflation or deflation of the records. Not only that, AdEx implements various safeguards to detect fraudulent activities: black-list, and white-list. When AdEx detects suspicious activities from a certain IP address, the IP address is listed on the black-list and all activities from the address are removed from the accounting. Therefore, advertisers pay for real impressions only.

AdEx also gives flexibility to advertisers and publishers to customize their agreement- they can agree on impression, clicks, and most importantly, on conversion goals; there is no restriction on the target action. Moreover, AdEx implements their own protections to create the best campaign results from the platform.

Speaking of security, AdEx does protect the customer’s privacy by not keeping any of their data. AdEx uses contextual targeting to support advertisement and publishers to deliver the most relevant ad to viewers, their system uses data from the web browser provided by the users only, not from stored data. This system protects all the participants from breaching anyone’s private information.

We are proud of our partner, AdEx, for their exceptional work on creating a transparent and reliable ad industry. Just like what they say on their website, we would love to see AdEx being the unicorn of the Ad industry, doing wonderful and magical things that many believe to be improbable for the betterment of the entire industry.

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