MVP Preview Part 2 : E-Edge

By April 20, 2018 English

What is E-Edge?

Edge is a web service that allows developers who want to develop block-chain services using the EdenChain Platform to register their applications and test APIs.

EdenChain provides API calls for the various functions needed to develop block-chain services with the Enterprise Blockchain Platform, so developers need something that can handle a series of tasks related to API usage.

Nearly every platform-oriented technology, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, with no exception provides a platform to make it easier for developers to use the platform. This is because using a platform for a developer means using the API provided by the platform.

E-Edge is a type of developer portal for EdenChain Platform. It is a web service that can do this series of tasks at once. E-Edge is designed to handle the tasks quickly and easily to use the EdenChain API.

Basically, almost all services of EdenChain Platform are provided based on API, so developers have to input the information about themselves, information about the service they want to develop, to be provided with the Namespace allocation, Secret Key, etc. to utilize it in the service. The first step in using the EdenChain Platform is to connect to the E-Edge, register as the user, enter information about the application, and acquire a Namespace. Since E-Explorer is for viewing blocks on EdenChain, E-Edge is a developer portal service for developers.

E-Edge Features

E-Edge is intended for aligned usage with the EdenChain platform. It provides the following functions to enable fast and easy development of block-chain services using the EdenChain.

  • You can register services that use EdenChain Platform and obtain the Namespace.
  • You can check the service list and status that you have registered.
  • You can register API users by group.
  • You can check statistical information of your active service.
  • You can run the API without any programming and see the results.

One of the most important functions of E-Edge mentioned above is service registration and Namespace grant. In the EdenChain Platform, when a service and a namespace are successfully registered, a secret key is assigned. This value is an important value for judging whether or not a user is legitimate when calling an API.

In the configuration, you can create a server IP Whitelist to run only API calls on the authorized server, and to ignore all other API calls. This is a good way to improve safety and is effective in defense.

E-Edge uses the existing developer portal to configure UI / UX intuitively with the necessary functions to make it as easy as possible for developers.

Service & Namespace Registration

Service developers using the EdenChain Platform should use E-Edge to register their services with service names, URLs, and descriptions. An important part of service registration is the Namespace registration.

Namespace is a very important factor for EdenChain’s scalability.

In short, Namespace is a type of Domain Name that allows you to quickly and easily determine when a transaction is delivered to the EdenChain platform and which transaction is associated with which block-chain service. This enables parallel processing of the related transactions into separate groups. This is because there are no data consistency issues since they are transactions carried in different services.

For example, suppose you assign a Namespace named “GAME” to a game service and a Namespace named “Commerce” for an e-commerce service. Every transaction in the game service contains a Namespace called “GAME”, and every transaction in the e-commerce service contains a Namespace called “Commerce”. In EdenChain, by checking the Namespace contained in a transaction, you can quickly distinguish and tie transactions whether they are related to game services or ecommerce transactions.

“GAME” and “Commerce” are different services, there is no data connection, so there is no problem in executing each transaction at the same time.

Namespace is the only value within the EdenChain Platform, so using same Namespace is not possible.


API based Block-chain Service Development

In terms of block-chain service developers, the most important thing is the API. This is because a set of functions that create a new transaction in the block-chain, send it to someone, store the result, and validate the data are all implemented using the API. To be more straightforward, even if you have no knowledge of the block-chain, you can build a block-chain service if you only know how to use the EdenChain API.

These program development methods allow service developers to focus on their essential value, reduce project duration, and make effective use of development resources.

Frankly speaking, the block-chain technology is only a small part of the overall service. Block-chain is a decentralized database, in other words it is a distributed branch, it has the ability to read and write data, and these functions are the core technology of the block-chain. Therefore, the block-chain technology alone cannot create a service. A service is completed when various functions such as business logic for transaction processing, user and authentication processing, data distribution processing, and software-chain and block-chain technology are combined.

EdenChain is developing this fact in mind. The user’s value does not come from the use of block-chain technology, but rather from the planning, usability, and business model of the service. In overall development time, instead of using more time on developing the block-chain technology, more time should be spent on developing the technology with primary values to expect much better results. EdenChain’s focus is on block-chain platforms that developers can use with the least amount of time and effort as possible.



EdenChain is a block-chain platform aimed at developing and operating block-chain-based services swiftly, effortlessly and cost-effectively. It has a B2B business model like AWS and Google Cloud.

Expanding and evolving the EdenChain platform means that the number of block-chain services running on the EdenChain platform will increase and the usage of each service will increase. It can be said that we are creating an ecosystem itself. At the core of this ecosystem are startups, businesses, organizations and public institutions, including developers. For these core users to use the EdenChain platform, ample support and effort will be provided, since they are the ones who will complete the EdenChain Platform ecosystem.

E-Edge is the first step in creating this ecosystem. Essential configuration for any developers to use to register the service, and to use the EdenChain Platform API is provided. Without any additional programming, users can run the provided APIs, see the results, and see for themselves what features EdenChain Platform offers and how they can be used.

The E-Edge is at the PoC-level, and it does not have all the functions and environment that are necessary yet. However, future updates will provide developers with additional functionality and services, and we will continue our efforts to create a healthy EdenChain Platform ecosystem.

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