MoA: Mo(bile) A(sset manager)

By July 18, 2019 English

As with the launch of EdenChain’s Mainnet, we are gearing up to reveal our other services, including MoA, Pegasus, and updated Dorothy.

Today, we would like to introduce you to our smart asset management service: MoA.

MoA: Mo(bile) A(sset manager). Here is a fun fact! MoA sounds just like a word in Korean that means “to gather” or “to collect”. We thought the name suits well because users can gather all their assets to one place, MoA, and collect comprehensive data for smarter investment.

MoA is an integrated and mobile-friendly wallet for crypto asset management and tokenization. EdenChain developed MoA to satisfy three key functions: tokenization, integration, and asset management.


Using blockchain’s characteristics-decentralized, transparent, and immutable -MoA creates for users tokens of which the value and their transactional history are clear to everyone on the network.

As tokenization turns intangible and tangible values into a digital asset, the potential is unlimited. If you are an artist busking on the street, you can give your audience a token in return for their generous donation. You can define these tokens in any way you would like: a proof of donation that gives its holders the right to the limited privilege; a proof as a member of the initial fan group before you become a mainstream artist.

Tokenization is very easy. You simply fill out a form and leave the rest to MoA. Then it’s done. As the token operates on EdenChain’s blockchain, the entire transaction history will be readily verifiable. For instance, if the token-holder wants to give the token to another person, the issuer will be able to verify this transaction instantly and render the value that the token entails to the new holder.


MoA functions as a wallet with extra security and convenience when used on the EdenChain platform. Notably, all MoA wallets are installed with Pegasus: the multicurrency payment solution. Powered by Pegasus, MoA gives users the experience of having a private exchange agent available 24/7.

Asset Manager

Not all asset managers are created equally. Probably that is why people spend a considerable amount of effort in choosing the right agent to manage their wealth. MoA strives to be your trusted, go-to asset manager by providing excellent service.

MoA has a user-friendly layout, and users can grasp all the critical information at a glance. Additionally, MoA provides users with intelligent analytics tailed to their portfolios, helping them make data-guided investment decisions.

You will be able to meet MoA very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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