MoA 1.0 is now released!

By October 21, 2019 English

As part of our mission to make a meaningful contribution toward realizing the mass adoption of blockchain, we have been striving forward to build a complete EdenChain ecosystem that is both sustainable and scalable. A vital component of the ecosystem is a payment module that gives users easy access to our core technologies.

Today we are happy to announce that we are releasing version 1.0 of our Mobile Asset Manager, MoA.

Here are a few highlights of MoA:

  • – The wallet is integrated with an easy multi-currency payment solution. You can swap between major cryptocurrencies and finalize payments all within MoA.
  • – MoA 1.0 supports both mobile and desktop environments. Users are no longer limited to use the desktop version of dApps.
  • – If you have already signed up for Dorothy.Network, you can use the same account information to access MoA. For dApps that are partnered and integrated with EdenChain, you will be able to access MoA directly from those dApps.

EdenChain is a permissioned blockchain platform, and we incorporated advantages from the hybrid structure to make MoA both secure and convenient for users.

  • – All your transactions in MoA are carried out by verified nodes only. We systematically blocked users with malicious intent from accessing your data.
  • – Your private keys are heavily encrypted and safely secured in the cloud system. The system removes the extra step of entering your private key whenever accessing your wallet in a new device. You can sign in to your account from any devices just with your account information only.
  • – The permissioned system allows a safer environment for expedited coin exchanges.
  • – MoA gives you the option to set your PIN number to add an extra layer of security.

Future updates include

  1. 1. KYC process: As of the moment, MoA does not require any KYC process. This may change in the future as MoA expands the range of services it provides. We are currently laying down the groundwork to expand MoA’s functionalities to make more readily adoptable by both individuals and enterprises in varying industries.
  2. 2. Polishing MoA: we will continuously update and improve features for user accessibility and stability
  3. 3. More exchange options: we will increase the number of cryptocurrencies you can readily exchange from MoA.

Our aim is to create a crypto wallet that is both easy and functional for people with any levels of crypto knowledge. To help you spread the words on MoA, we will post more articles related to it: MoA and its value, tutorials on different functionalities provided in MoA, and so on.

As with all things tech-related, our work is never done. EdenChain is constantly working to upgrade MoA in order to provide users with a better and more seamless experience. We appreciate your continued support.

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Dorothy: Dorothy.Network

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