Mainnet Release Plan

By March 6, 2019 English

Mainnet Release Plan

The mainnet release is around the corner and we are thrilled to share the mainnet release plan with our Eden community members!

EdenChain is being built for enterprises. To ensure security and the final release of a fully matured working platform, we plan to release the necessary components in three stages: Beta release, Candidate, and General Release.

BR (Beta Release)

The BR is primarily to showcase the EdenChain wallet. A fully functioning wallet is, of course, mandatory for every blockchain platform and should allow for the creation of wallets as well as the sending and receiving cryptocurrency, balance checking etc.

CR (Candidate Release)

The CR version is aimed at dApp development. Developers will be able to create dApps running on the EdenChain platform. By integrating the wallet functions, dApp developers will be able to use the eden coins in dApps with ease.

GR (General Release)

The GR is a finalized versionĀ of the CR that will run on the actual blockchain data network, whereas the BR and CR versions will be running on a parallel data network for testing. This is similar to Ethereum’s model, where developers can fully test their dApps before releasing them on a live mainnet.

Please note that based on development progress, release dates could be changed, HOWEVER, we will strive to meet the target dates. Security and faultlessly functioning code remain our objectives. We will keep you updated and hope you understand our decision to prioritize quality and stability over a rush to market.