James: Trade Conference at Pusan National University

By December 19, 2018 English

The Trade Association of Korea hosted the 2018 Fall Conference at Pusan National University.

The two themes selected for discussion were: 1. Free Trade Agreement between major international cities (to establish regional trade policies that coincide with the global metropolitan era), and 2. Blockchain technology and global valuechain businesses (to discuss the implications and countermeasures of A.I. technology against international business and Korea’s trade policies).

EdenChain presented on the topic of “The Ecosystem and Future of Permissioned Enterprise BlockChain.” The main content consisted of blockchain technology’s current level of development, the technological advancements needed to improve dApps, and the service improvements needed to increase the usage of dApps. The characteristics of permissioned blockchain technology and its advantages over permissionless blockchains for an enterprise was also covered.