James spoke at the AI Summit Business 19 Seoul

By December 5, 2019 English

Hi community, 

On November 28th, James was invited to speak at AI Summit 2019 Seoul. Click the link to check out the information on the Summit. 

Representing EdenChain, James spoke on how MoA will employ AI technology to improve users’ experiences with managing their digital assets. The following is a short vlog, sharing what the summit was like.


The contents of James’ talk will be posted in detail on a separate blog entry, as we share where EdenChain plans to take MoA/Pegasus next to give the service greater market advantages and gain broader adoptions. 

We were excited to speak at such a well-attended meeting. The following is a screenshot from the event website, showing you the speaker brands presented at the summit. 

We thank our community for joining our vision of advancing blockchain technology mass adoption. EdenChain will continue the endeavor to make services that our community is proud of. 

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