Introduction to Blockchain Book, Supervised by EdenChain CEO

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The book that Ahn Myongho, the CEO of EdenChain supervised has been published. [The Overnight Discovery of Blockchain] is the book, published on Mar. 5, 2018 by BluePegasus publishing company.

The co-author of the book Mina Jeong, the CEO of M&K PR is an advisor for EdenChain.

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This book is an introductory book for people who are unfamiliar with the concept of blockchain that can improve overall understanding of the blockchain. At the same time, the book professionally explains the technical aspects of the blockchain. Below is a quote from the book.

By concatenating the blocks together, the block creates a chain. That’s where the name ‘blockchain’ comes from. The new block refers to the previous block and the previous block refers to the previous block. If you go down like this, you can down to the very first stage, the beginning point.

Anyone can access the latest block in a particular chain. They can see the list of recently borrowed books and also see the transactions that occurred in the previous block. In addition to the loan history, you can also see who the owner of the first block is.

To claim a particular book, you have to find and prove the first block, the originating Genesis block, starting from the latest block. p.139

In the book, you can see the connection between the 4th industrial revolution and the blockchain, a topic which has become a worldwide sensation recently. The industry that is promising in the blockchain era, the vision quest, and the objective view of the blockchain technology is included in the book.

The book answers the question as to why cryptocurrency has emerged, how it is made, and what it is used for. It also explains what the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency is and the key concepts about it. The terminology related to cryptocurrency and blockchain is selected by the keyword for a better understanding of the material.

Ahn Myongho of EdenChain participated in ‘Special Interview of 4 blockchain company founders’ as a blockchain expert.

Other experts included in the interview with Ahn Myongho the CEO of EdenChain is

Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of Waves Platform, Jason Goldberg, co-founder and CEO of Simple Token, and Pavel Nemec, the CEO and co-founder of Signal Network.

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