[Dorothy’s Playlist] SuperRare and CANwork

By June 7, 2019 English

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[Dorothy’s Playlist] SuperRare and CANwork

Dorothy is finally here. As our ultimate goal is for the Dorothy ecosystem and the greater dApp ecosystem to grow and succeed together, we want to take time searching for excellent, thought-provoking, fun, and innovative dApps and exposing them to a broad group. As promised in the earlier article, we will be introducing and promoting dApps through our channels. Today, we are featuring two refreshing dApps that will brighten your day. If you are having a perfect day (good for you!), I say these two dApps are still exciting and worth checking out. For detailed information on these dApps, visit their websites by clicking the titles.


SuperRare makes it easy to create, sell, and collect rare digital art (https://superrare.co/about). You can buy a unique piece of artwork issued by the original artist. Their vision is to help artists make a living on the internet. In doing so, SuperRare believes that securing artists a percentage of secondary-market revenue is pivotal. How? First, the copyright and IP remain the property of the artist. These records, along with the transaction history, will be stored in a block and kept immutable, keeping the origin and provenance of the piece. Fully utilizing blockchain’s key feature, immutability, artists sold pieces on SuperRare can keep track of their secondary revenues stream from their sales after time passes.


Are you looking for a fresh new perspective for your project? Do you want to incorporate global talents to your next assignment? You want to hire awesome freelancers but do not want to break your bank paying for the finder’s fee? Look no more. Can Work is here. Freelancers vetted by CANwork staffs are listed on CANwork platform. The is a decentralized platform that accepts cryptocurrency, CanYaCoin, or CAN. Utilizing cryptocurrency allows many unbanked agents, even those beyond the reach of PayPal, to provide service and get paid. Come and find your business and entrepreneur solution at CANwork.

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