Dear Eden Community,

We have witnessed significant growth in De-fi since last year, 2019.

We firmly belives that De-fi is not a just one-time event. It is the most promising direction of blockchain technology, and it stands to reason that. 

As De-fi grows, the necessity for asset management has been soared. In addition to that, the Zero interest rate era ignites longing for smart asset management for all people. Our flagship Orbit designed for intelligent asset management will help those users.

Today we have an important announcement about the changes to the lockup period applicable to founders and team. Under the new lockup schedule, the lockup period will be extended to September 2021.

The decision was easy to make mutually within the team. We all expect the success of the Orbit. 

We look forward to your continuous support for us to contribute to this blockchain ecosystem as a leading global De-fi platform.