EDN Token Swap Complete

By October 2, 2020 English

Kucoin announced a hack on 26th Sep, saying hackers stole Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, and other tokens. Unfortunately, EDN stored in Kucoin was not an exception. After being aware of the hack, we took actions to prevent negative consequences, and then We had discussed the solution to minimize the impact on EDN and EDN holders. We agreed that the token swap is a reliable option to take, swapping current EDN with reissued EDN automatically as KUcoin promised full responsibility and transparency.

We have completed the token swap process on 1st Oct using the snapshot taken on the block 10928208. We distributed the reissued EDN token to corresponding EDN holders on the same day.

Here is the new address of EDN : 0x89020f0D5C5AF4f3407Eb5Fe185416c457B0e93e 

(you can check it with this link : https://etherscan.io/address/0x89020f0D5C5AF4f3407Eb5Fe185416c457B0e93e)

We will contact exchanges to notify the new EDN smart contract, so withdrawals, deposits and trading will be resumed sooner or later. We highly appreciate your support and understanding.