EdenChain’s Q3 Roadmap

By August 6, 2019 English

Hi community,

Hope you are having a fantastic 2019 Q3. Today, we want to share a snapshot of our plans for this quarter.

Right now, we are working around the clock to present you with our services: Dorothy 2.0, MoA, and Pegasus.

As a quick recap, we released Dorothy 1.0 on June 5th, 2019. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to make it more accessible and fun to use for users with any level of blockchain experience.

The updated version, Dorothy 2.0, has received an extensive makeover to offer better usability to both developers and players.

With the update, you can expect the following from Dorothy.

  1. 1. Developer-friendly features: the updated Dorothy has functions that will help developers better manage their dApps. Just to list a few, developers on Dorothy 2.0 will be able to communicate with their users by sending messages, manage reviews on their dApp page, and post featured stories to spotlight their dApps.
  2. 2. Revamped UI/UX: we redesigned the entire UI/UX to provide users with a straight forward and aesthetic layout. Dorothy 2.0 will deliver dApps that you’ve wanted and needed to your fingertips.
  3. 3. Dorothy Blog Section: If you are following us, then you probably are familiar with our daily blog updates. With Dorothy 2.0, users have direct access to all these contents. We are also planning to diversify our materials to provide users with more quality information. For a sneak preview, we will feature stories directly from developers. For example, you will find interviews full of insights from developers that are very fresh — like a fresh loaf just out of the oven.
  4. 4. dApp Reviews: No need to tell you how critical reviews are from real users. Not only are they very informative, but sometimes they are even entertaining. The new Dorothy will cultivate a fantastic pool of reviews from users around the world.


EdenChain’s Q3 milestone: launch of fully integrated Dorothy, MoA, and Pegasus.

Along with Dorothy, we are releasing MoA and Pegasus during the Q3, 2019. When released, they will be interoperable with Dorothy. Together, they will provide users with a seamless payment option across platforms.

  • -MoA: an integrative wallet that functions as a smart asset manager and an easy tokenization platform.
  • -Pegasus: our multicurrency payment solution that provides users instant token exchanges with the most competitive rates.

We strive to provide the blockchain community with the best services. Even after the release, we will continue to improve Dorothy, MoA, and Pegasus to offer users optimal blockchain experiences.