EdenChain’s feature in Advancements officially aired

By February 25, 2019 English

EdenChain’s long awaited feature on the Advancements series, hosted by Ted Danson on CNBC, aired yesterday (February 24, 2019) at 15:30 EST.

The show¬†gave an explanation on how EdenChain will use the blockchain to capitalize and trade all types of assets through programmable economy technology. Spectators will see how EdenChain’s smart contracts integrate real and virtual economies, creating a fundamentally new programmable economy platform.

Also, members of EdenChain’s community will be able to catch a glimpse of our core team and EdenChain’s Seoul office.

If you missed the show, the latest episode of Advancements featuring EdenChain can be found in this link: http://advancementstv.com/segments/.