Edenchain’s Bounty Campaign for Developers!

By April 14, 2018 English

How would you store 1 million phone numbers?

How can you check that your friend, Bob, has your phone number stored correctly while keeping your message safe from prying eyes?

How would you organize your huge collection of shirts in your closet for easy retrieval?

Your challenge is to propose a technical solution to effectively tackle these problems.

The answers for this bounty will be ranked by how efficiently you solve the problems. If you are familiar with coding, you can use a sample code written in your favourite programming language or a pseudo-code to solve the problem.

The best answers stand to win grand prizes, and a chance to join EdenChain as a developer. Do look within the google forms for detailed elaboration of the questions!

The bounty program closes on 30 April 2018.

Submit your answers here: goo.gl/LvBuPG

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