Edenchain X NEM Meet-up in Seoul (15 June 2018)

By June 20, 2018 English

Edenchain and NEM had a joint meet-up in Seoul on 15 June 2018. We shared extensively on the products built by each blockchain platform. However, the most exciting developments was the shared vision that Edenchain and NEM have towards enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

After the meet-up, Edenchain and NEM had an exciting discussion on formulating a strategy to encourage enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology had been developing for a few years yet adoption by enterprises remains aneamic.

Most blockchain projects do not realise that building blockchain technology was the easiest part of their project. A blockchain platform needs actual users adopting the platform for it to be useful! NEM shares Edenchain vision that we must have a solid business plan to grow Edenchain.

We look forward to cooperating with blockchain projects globally, to tackle the monumental challenge of encouraging blockchain adoption by enterprises and build actual use-cases of blockchain technology, especially on Edenchain platform!

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