EdenChain Whitelist Round A Closed

By April 13, 2018 English

Thank you for the massiveĀ support!

Dear Edenchain family,

We opened the whitelist registration for presale participants today at 8am UTC. The whitelist was originally meant for presale participants, but we immediately experienced an overwhelming and unexpected response, and we are regretful to say that we were caught off-guard. We immediately spoke to our KYC provider who informed us that their servers were unable to handle the massive load. We discussed all our available options and by 10am UTC got confirmation that they were going to increase the server throughput in order to increase the number of KYC approvals.

Given the exceptional circumstances, we have decided that this KYC will also apply for the crowdsale round, based on your indicated contribution amount. If you wish to participate in Edenchainā€™s ICO for the crowdsale, you will not need to re-submit your KYC again. This is the only time you will need to submit KYC.

Please be reminded that even if you have submitted your KYC successfully, you may not be guaranteed a spot in the presale or crowdsale as we will be in touch as soon as possible regarding your whitelist status.

We have closed the whitelisting for now as we have hit the cap of 5000 KYCs. Unfortunately, please understand this is a very difficult decision we have to make. We want to strike a balance between giving early supporters a reasonable allocation. After much discussions, we think 5000 KYCs is an appropriate number, and strikes the perfect balance. If you did not manage to be whitelisted, we hope that you can continue to remain part of our family as we look towards building a next-generation blockchain.

If your KYC is successful, you will soon receive an email from the KYC provider. You will not receive an email if your KYC is not successful.

Once again, we thank each and everyone of you for your support of EdenChain. We recognize that the success of a block-chain is equally about you as much as us. While the whitelisting process could have gone better, we acted as quickly as we could given the circumstances, and we always learn from our lessons. We fully understand any frustration on your part, and as a team, we promise to do better in the future.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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