EdenChain Telegram AMA and QUIZ with Gains Associates

By March 12, 2020 English
EdenChain AMA and Quiz with GainsAssociates

💬 Welcoming EdenChain — Telegram AMA and QUIZ 💬

🔹 Logistics:

♦️ We will join GainsAssociates on Friday, March the 13th at 12:00 UTC for an AMA and QUIZ. The event will kick off in GAINS Discussion (https://t.me/GainsChat)

👉 Equivalent times: 07:00 EST = 13:00 CET = 21:00 KST

📅 Countdown


🔹Project tease:

👉 EdenChain is a blockchain platform that provides users with world-class decentralized financial services.

🚀 We recently released a new website for their MoA (https://moa.network/) (an integrated and mobile-friendly wallet for crypto asset management) which allows you to analyze your crypto portfolio for free.

🔎 Research the project to be able to both ask and answer questions about it! There will be an AMA and a Quiz part to the event. Ask your questions on Twitter (https://twitter.com/GainsAssocia…/status/1237885832389734402) beforehand.

🎉 $150 of prizes split between 10 winners: 3 on Twitter and 7 on Telegram (https://t.me/GainsChat)! 🎉

🤫 Hint: Review the whitepaper (https://drive.google.com/…/1qUUUm8mNuL-7f5yYsNza1gqcZE…/view).

💡 Resources:

🌐 Website (https://dev.edenchain.io/)
💬 Telegram (https://t.me/edenchainio)
📚 Medium (https://medium.com/edenchainio)
📱 Twitter (https://twitter.com/edenchainio)
👥 Facebook (https://web.facebook.com/edenchainio)

Details on EdenChain AMA with GainsAssociates

Here are the 10 winners of the @edenchainio  AMA



@quanminh98, @Slugger7, @basedabbott, @carefultea,  @phamtan310, @duyeniavl, @takataka1

Congratulations everyone! #Bitcoin


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